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Who has ever run out of pads or tampons at the start of that time of the month and had to make a mad dash to the shops to purchase some? I know I have! Did you make a note to yourself to make sure you stock up for next time? Did you stock up? No, me either.  This was my situation every month or two, I would be searching through a handbag or cosmetic bag trying to find a pad or tampon usually with not much luck.

Well now you don’t need to worry, thanks to the Moxie Box Club – your Wingwoman! For just $30AUD per box Moxie provides you with 5 personal care products delivered to your door. This service is a rolling subscription but you can customise what is in your box each time and shipping is free – there is even an option to add a Freckleberry x Moxie Milk Chocolate Block. YUM!

Moxie also gives you the ability to choose from having the box delivered every 1, 2 or 3 months depending on your needs. I went with the every 2 months option, which is noted as the most popular option – works out to be 2.5 packs per period.

The website asked what date in the month I would need my box to arrive by and said they will ship it out around 14 days before hand to make sure I receive it on time. If you are left with an empty box, you can send them a SOS and they will try to get a box out to you quickly.

The same goes for if you have just place your first order within 14 days of your required date they will try to get your box out to you ASAP. As my first order was very close to my specified date my order was shipped almost straight away. I placed my order on a Friday afternoon, by Monday afternoon I had received an email notification with tracking details saying the box was in transit and I received my box on the Thursday. Less then a week turn around, I was so impressed!

I ordered 2 x Moxie Super Tampons 16 pack (in cute little striped green tins), 2 x Moxie Regular Tampons 16 pack (in cute little striped pink tins) and 1 x Moxie Sleepovers overnight pads 10 pack. They also included in a sample pack of 2 x Moxie Slenders Regular Pads and 2 x Tea Tonic samples – 1 x Traditional Chia Tea and 1 x Berry-Green Tea. Yum!

On the Moxie website I also came across the Pads for Pads program where they will donate the equivalent amount of reusable menstrual products and education to a schoolgirl in Uganda. How incredible is this?!

I will be continuing my subscription for the Moxie Box as I already purchase Moxie products and love the fact the it will now be delivered to my door.  No more worrying about if I have remembered to stocked up on everything each month or not.

Have you tried Moxie personal care products or the Moxie Box Club before?

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