Travel | My Trip to Queenstown New Zealand

Queenstown has always been on my to see list during winter. I finally decided to tick it off my list in August this year. During my week in Queenstown, I was blessed with the best weather with little to no rain, light snow overnight and relatively warm sunny days. Its fair to say my week in Queenstown was full of adventure!

I had nine days in Queenstown.  I flew from Brisbane to Queenstown via Sydney with Qantas and had a direct flight back to Brisbane from Queenstown. I think the best piece of advice I was given for this trip was to get a window seat to catch a glimpse of the beautiful snow capped mountains on arrival to Queenstown airport. Once I arrived at the airport, I was pick up by the car rental company and taken to pick up my car for the week.

I usually use Omega Car Rentals when in New Zealand as I find they have a great range of cars at really affordable prices. I would recommend renting a car while in Queenstown/New Zealand as it makes it so much easier to get around due to lack of public transport and cost of taxis.

Review | Moxie Box Club

Who has ever run out of pads or tampons at the start of that time of the month and had to make a mad dash to the shops to purchase some? I know I have! Did you make a note to yourself to make sure you stock up for next time? Did you stock up? No, me either.  This was my situation every month or two, I would be searching through a handbag or cosmetic bag trying to find a pad or tampon usually with not much luck.